A woman was recently caught on camera using her children to help her shoplift in a Michigan Walmart.

It was a Monday evening in late January that a Walmart employee that works in loss prevention, caught something suspicious going down on their security cameras according to Press and Guide,

The woman passed several items to her children, who placed them in bags without scanning them.  In all, they took 13 items for a total value of $98.78.

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The report does not mention the age or how many children were involved.  Although the report did mention 13 items that totaled nearly $100, it's unknown if the items were food and other living essentials.

Nobody should get a free pass to steal.  However, if the items that were stolen were food, that shouldn't be overlooked.  12.2% of Michigan residents experience food insecurity (2017-2019) according to America's Health Rankings.  That's above the national average of 11.1%.  The USDA defines food insecurity this way,

The household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.

To put it plainly, a family with food insecurity does not have consistent access to the food they need to live.  So, there is a distinction depending on what she was stealing that I hope will not get overlooked by the justice system.

If you know someone experiencing food insecurities or would like to find a way to help the community in that regard, I encourage you to check out Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes by clicking here.

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