The Michigan vs. Ohio rivalry just got a lot bigger this weekend.

The last time the state of Michigan won a little league World Series Championship Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States.  Yeah, it's been a minute.  In fact, it's been exactly 62 years according to Wikipedia,

The 1959 Little League World Series took place from August 25 through August 29 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Hamtramck National Little League of Hamtramck, Michigan, defeated the West Auburn Little League of Auburn, California, in the championship game of the 13th Little League World Series.

Taylor North Little League of Michigan dominated post season play winning 15 of it's last 16 games this year.  Taylor North (Michigan) went on to win the Little League World Series 5-1 beating Hamilton West Side (Ohio.)

It can't be easy for these young boys ranging in age from 10-12, to handle the pressure of playing the best teams in the Nation while be broadcast all over the world.  However, this Michigan team made it look easy.  And that moment caught on video in the tweet below is so much fun to watch when an outfielder catches a fly ball to clinch the series.

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Winning 15 of your last 16 games on your way to winning the Little League World series is an incredibly dominant feat.  Not to mention Taylor North broke that 6 decade championship drought for the state of Michigan.  However, the team that won it all for the state of Michigan 62 years ago was some how even more dominant according to,

Hamtramck's 1959 championship squad was led by dominating pitcher Pinky Deras, who went 18-0 — all complete games — with 16 shutouts and 10 no-hitters.

Congrats to these young men on an incredible victory.

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