I told you weeks ago the outcome of the Presidential election would come down to Michigan. I told you time and again that if Donald Trump won Michigan he would be the 45th President because it would indicate something bigger had happened. He did win Michigan plus Pennsylvania and Wisconsin along with North Carolina and Florida. Trump won middle class America and working people in a convincing manner. His Electoral College win was impressive finishing with a final tally of 306 to 232. The final numbers indicate he lost the popular vote nationally by about 2-million votes however. This gives rise to really bitter losers on the Democratic side.

Liberal Democrats who just a few weeks earlier had chided Trump for the suggestion that he might not accept the election results on face value are now themselves diving into the cesspool of denial. Jill Stein the failed Green Party candidate said that despite no evidence to support the decision she is nonetheless asking for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Trump won all three states by thin margins and Stein is suggesting that there are rumors of ‘hacking’ of voting machines and therefore we must recount those close states. Weird that she didn’t include Minnesota which was also razor thin or New Hampshire that was decided by less than 2,000 votes.

Stein is now being joined by the Hillary Clinton campaign, which seems unusual considering she conceded her defeat early on November 9th when it became clear that she had been soundly defeated. But the left leaning and shell-shocked national media, fueled by social media justice warriors are screaming that Clinton won the popular vote and should be President.

Members of the Electoral College, who actually will select the President on December 19th, have been receiving tens of thousands of emails, phone calls, text messages and even death threats demanding they elect Hillary Clinton. It seems the liberals are in an outrage that their message has failed four election cycles in a row. They are outraged that the Electoral College is working exactly as designed by protecting the little states against the big ones.

Consider this; Clintons margin of victory in California alone was almost three million votes. That by itself is enough to swing the national popular vote. New York gave her a one and a half million-vote margin. If either of those two states had been anywhere near the national averages Trump would have won the popular vote as well.

You should also consider estimates from some sources indicating that more than three million illegals casted votes in the 2016 Presidential election. That would also mean that Trump won the popular vote. Liberals of course do not care about any of that. The left is desperate to find some back door way to steal the election or at the very least try to delegitimize Donald Trumps Presidency.

Wisconsin became the first state to be notified of the re-count effort and state officials there say they aren’t sure they can get the hand count done in time. That would mean Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral Votes might not be counted at all. There is concern that Pennsylvania where Trump won by 70,638 could be slow to get a re-count completed too. However there are also significant hurdles in Pennsylvania that may not be possible to clear. In fact Jill Stein will need to prove a prima facie case for fraud and get a judge to agree. It is unlikely but remember many of these judges are Obama appointees. A judge would have to find that fraud probably occurred and statewide. But yes it is possible and it’s possible Pennsylvania could be invalidated altogether. Can you imagine the reaction to that?

At any rate that would mean the whole election could come down to Michigan, again. You see Michigan and its 16 Electoral Votes are all Donald Trump needs to get over the 270 threshold needed to win. So it could very well come down to Michigan all over again.

The good news for Trump and the bad news for Hillary Clinton is that the Michigan Director of Elections for the Secretary of State, Chris Thomas says the state is prepared to get rolling and get the recount done in a timely fashion and well in advance of the December 19th Electoral College vote. “We are on top of it he says”, adding, “we’re fast”. All of Michigan’s recounts will be done at the county level with state supervision.

More good news for the Trump campaign is that nobody believes Clinton will come from behind to win all three states; which is a must if she thinks the election results will get overturned. If for some reason all three states fail to meet the deadline and the 46 Electoral Votes were not counted the election would be thrown into the House of Representatives, where Trump would also likely win.

What is truly reprehensible is the idea that Jill Stein is collecting up to $7 million dollars to pay for the recounts, lawyers, observers and so forth. It seems if you have enough money you can demand a recount any time at all and that seems like a big problem going forward. More discord in an extremely divisive political year is not at all what this country needs right now, or ever for that matter.

Critics have been screaming that Clinton led all three states in pre-election polling and exit polling numbers in two out of three but when the votes were actually counted Donald Trump had roared to victory in all three states. Did it occur to anyone that just maybe folks simply don’t trust pollsters anymore? Or is it possible that huge turnout numbers in the far reaches of Michigan were just missed and those distant rural neighborhoods provided the push for Trump to win. The answer to all the questions is of course yes.

Michigan however was shown to be leaning Trump the day before the election by the Trafalgar group and exit polling showed a dead heat at 46.8% each. Therefore the 10,000-vote win seems pretty much spot on. Much of the debate remains focused on the 85,000-vote undercount in the state. Simply put it means 85,000 people just didn’t vote for President but did in other races.

Make no mistake Donald Trump won Michigan and the election. The only question is can the Democratic Party led by an also ran third party Marxist upset the actual results and throw the whole matter into turmoil? My response is simple; do not underestimate this recount effort yet nor dismiss the idea too quickly. We are dealing with a machine that has had it thumbs on the election scales for decades. With massive funding coming from places like George Soros I’m guessing anything is possible.

These people are willing to do anything to win. Don’t forget that as we move into the recount phase of 2016.