Hillary Clinton, who we now know has been exploring ways to overturn Donald Trump’s huge Presidential Election win more than three weeks ago has now taken the lead in the recount effort underway in Wisconsin. Soon Hillary Clinton’s team will take the lead here in Michigan and in Pennsylvania in an effort to to scam Americans.

The worst part is that in Wisconsin the anticipated cost has now been raised to $3.9 million dollars. And it could go higher yet. Jill Stein made a down payment on the recount Tuesday of $3.5 million dollars. But in Michigan the fee is only $125 per precinct, which is just under $790,000. Any cost above that amount will be paid by each of Michigan’s 83 counties. Based on the cost in Wisconsin, the total figure in Michigan could easily exceed $5 Million dollars. That comes out to an average cost of $62,000. The problem is the cost will not be spread evenly. In fact the counties that can least afford the pointless cost are those most likely to be hit the hardest. Simply put; counties like Wayne, Genesee, Kalamazoo have more precincts and therefore will have more places requiring recounts with little or no money to pay for the effort.

I am embarrassed that the Democrats are punishing the entire state of Michigan with punitive financial damages because they don’t like the outcome of the election. I am outraged with Hillary Clinton who chided Donald Trump repeatedly before Election Day for suggesting he might question the outcome of the election if he thought there was some sort of irregularities.

Here she is now leading the charge to taint the outcome and soil the system and at the same time sending you and I the bill.