Michigan’s 16 electoral votes will be critical it seems in the race to the White House. If Hillary Clinton takes the prize in the Great Lakes State it will continue a Democratic streak that goes back to 1988. It will also signal that the Democratic ‘Blue Wall’ will remain in tact. If Donald Trump claims Michigan on November 8, 2016 then he will almost certainly win the race.

With that in mind the stakes have never been higher in Michigan. The race is at about 3 points in Hillary’s favor today but that is a far cry from the double digit lead she held earlier this year. In fact Michigan has gone from safe Democrat, to leans Democrat to straight toss-up.

I am not sure what will happen when the votes are counted this year. Michigan was also considered a so-called battleground state four years ago and when the dust settled Barack Obama won in a walkaway.

So keep your eyes on the neighbors yard for campaign signs, the TV for commercials and your friends and relatives for clues on who might come out on top, not only here but in the nation.