Many are asking the question, "Is Michigan becoming a red state?"

Yes, Michigan has two democrat U.S. senators, but we now have the most republicans in our state legislature since the 1950's.

What gives? 

If that is so, why did we elect another liberal politician to be one of our senators?

Did Terri Lynn Land run that bad of a campaign?  That is a question for another day.

The GOP increased their majorities in both the Michigan House and Senate meaning the citizens of Michigan decided that they do not like or want the democrats' agenda (if you even actually heard one).

A veteran GOP insider and former Senate Majority Leader Ken Sikkema stated the following, "They spent a lot of effort attacking Republicans, as to what they see as their political vulnerabilities, rather than telling people what they want to accomplish. They have to take stock of who they are, rethink their messaging."

What are your thoughts?

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