Today is officially the first day of fall.  But this coming week--at least--it could seem more like summer than autumn..  Weather forecasters say temps should reach near 80 degrees with plenty of sunshine.  But the weather over the weekend, was anything but pleasant.  And now officials are confirming storms that moved through the state spawned at least one tornado.

Storms Sunday damaged homes and businesses and downed trees and power lines leaving thousands in the dark.

The Detroit News is reporting today that the National Weather Service has confirmed that the storms that hammered neighborhoods in Rochester Hills near Detroit early Sunday included a tornado that left a 150-yard wide path of damage in its wake.  Winds were listed as 90 miles per hour.

While only on the ground for a couple of minutes, numerous reports have come in describing significant damage, including utility poles snapped in half, siding and roofing ripped off homes, blown out windows, a pool ladder ripped from its foundation and flying into a house and a trampoline that the strong winds swept into a window shattering it..

Trees and power lines were also downed leaving some in the dark. Restoration efforts are still underway.

The storm system hit just hours after severe weather in Ann Arbor forced the delay of the University of Michigan football game on Saturday.

Damage estimates are not yet available but there were no injuries reported.

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