Are you looking for a job here in Michigan? You may have found the right place, as these companies here in Michigan employ the most Michiganders.

This report is based on companies with headquarters in Michigan and at least 100 employees. In that, 2,244 companies remained to comprise this list.

The Top 10 Employers In The State of Michigan

There are quite a few different Michigan jobs that made the list of companies that employ the most Michiganders. Some may be familiar, while others not so much.

I think it worth noting, that a big Michigan retail chain just barely made the list of the top employers in the state.

Meijer of Shaver Road in Portage, MI (Google Street View)
Meijer of Shaver Road in Portage, MI (Google Street View)

Meijer ranked in at number 11, based in Grand Rapids, with nearly 70,000 employees in the entire company.

You probably guessed a car company as well as a hospital made the list as well. Ready to see the top 10 employers here in the state of Michigan?

See the list, below:

These 10 Businesses Have the Most Employees in Michigan

Looking for a job? One of these 10 business could be hiring! Look at the 10 Michigan Businesses' with the most employees.

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Other notable employers that hit the top 100 list, but didn't make the list, were Kellog at number 25. Spectrum Healthcare came in at number 34 on the list. McClaren Health Care also made the list at number 36.

For you sports fans too, Illitch Holdings hit the list too at number 40 with 23,000 employees. See the rest of the list and each Michigan company that made the list, here.

I was also shocked to see Michigan State University reach the list at number 44 here in the state of Michigan.

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