At a news conference this morning, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will announce the creation of a new state department to develop Michigan talent.

Snyder feels that Michigan needs this to help create a workforce and talent pool that better fits the needs of the state's employers.

What I still do not understand — and have been asking on my show for years — is why does our government feel it has to use taxpayer money to train people for jobs in the private sector?

Shouldn't the companies themselves be doing that?

Isn't that they way it use to be?

When and why did our government take over that role?

This new agency will oversee the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the Michigan Strategic Fund, the Michigan Unemployment Agency, the Michigan Workforce Development Agency, and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

Sounds like a lot of bureaucracy and taxpayer dollars being spent for helping people attain jobs in the private sector.

Apparently, there are approximately 82,000 vacant jobs listed on the state's Michigan Talent Connect website. (I assume because people did not develop their own skill set to obtain those jobs.)

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