A very late summer storm consisting of an intense line of thunderstorms moved across Michigan this afternoon (September 7, 2021) bringing hail and heavy winds.

Check out some of the video that's been posted to social media of the event.

Cadillac Area Hailstorm Reports

This one comes from the Cadillac area with the uploader sharing:

We are in a 36ft Motor coach towing our jeep.... it was TERRIFYING! It went on for 10 minutes....and LOUD....

Listening to the video, the loudness comes through.

Elsewhere in Cadillac, check out flooded streets:

UpNorthLive shared video from Onekema, near Manistee, with hail coverage that looks like wintertime snow:


Ludington also say hail from this event. WZZM has shared a photo of baseball-sized hail.

Bay City Funnel Cloud

Listen as tornado sirens go off in Bay City:

This video may capture the formation of a funnel cloud:

The uploader shared these to the Michigan Weather Facebook group with this message,

you can see the funnel we were in Bay City Michigan as soon as the tornado warning came

More Storm Reports from Across Michigan

Check out this video of the storm moving through Traverse City:

Reed City has shared this alert about storm damage in the region:

Osceola County has been hit with severe weather that has caused numerous downed trees and power lines. Please limit travel to allow emergency crews to clean up. If you must travel, do so carefully as many roads are not passable.

Storms bring tremendous damage often. Here are some of the worst ever to hit the nation:

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