A conference is being held this weekend in Baltimore where everything wrong with America and in fact the world will be blamed squarely on white people. I am not joking and this is not hyperbole and much more concerning is it comes from people teaching our children. Yes, seriously.

The gathering in Baltimore, is a so called national education conference with teachers and administrators many from Michigan and will be focused on ‘Critical Race Theory’. What is that you ask? Well let’s take a look shall we?

An in depth article on PJ Media explained it this way; much of ‘Critical Race Theory’ revolves around the concept of “whiteness,” which is not simply a skin color or racial identification but rather a state of moral turpitude: To have “whiteness” means that you personally share blame for all of society’s ills. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think prejudiced thoughts or treat anyone badly; it doesn’t matter whether or not your ancestors owned slaves or instead were abolitionists fighting to free slaves; it doesn’t matter whether or not your ancestors immigrated to the United States in the 20th century long after slavery was outlawed; it doesn’t matter whether you’re left-wing or right-wing or apolitical; what matters is that all of American society is inherently racist and favors white people, so that if you “look white,” you benefit from a racist system, and you are therefore part of that system, and therefore racist, and therefore (to peel away the euphemisms) evil. All “Caucasian” or pale-skinned people are genetically cursed with “whiteness,” which they cannot escape or disown, but people of other skin colors and ethnicities can also possess whiteness if they conform to “white norms” and refuse to embrace anti-whiteness activism.

Now you like me, and I happen to be very white; might see this entire worldview as shockingly racist, but only because it is exactly racist, but Critical Race Theory has that angle covered too: Racism, according to the theory, is prejudice combined with power; and because (according to the Critical Race Theorists) black people have no power in society, by definition they can’t be racist. The inverse of the stigma of whiteness is therefore also true: if you lack whiteness, you are immune from criticism or condemnation.

Still don’t believe me?

Well then, lets dive straight into some of the finer seminars and curriculum points being covered by the teachers so they can share this enlightenment with the kids- this idea that anyone white is, well, inherently evil.

Here’s one: White Privilege, White Responsibility: Deepening Our Commitment as White Allies in the Struggle for Racial Equity in Schools-

To achieve racial equity in schools, all educators must be able to identify and communicate where their own personal whiteness plays out in classroom, school, and community systems. Deepen your ability to focus a critical lens on your own whiteness and privilege and see how they impact your life. Through the tenets of Critical Race Theory, analyze how society constructs whiteness as the dominant norm in the U.S. Explore what it means to be a white educator leading for racial equity without perpetuating a system of white dominance.

Or how about this one: It Ain’t H1N1, But It’s Just as Deadly: The Negative Effects of White Privilege for People of Color

Explore the realities of white privilege and the deep wounds that many people of color have felt due to this ugly reality. Hear historical perspectives and learn how the evolution of white privilege has been parented by white supremacy, racism, and institutional racism from the past to the present. Take a different look at white privilege and consider how many people of color have been conditioned to believe that they shouldn’t be afforded the privilege that white folks receive, which gives white privilege the power to positively affect many white people and negatively affect all people. Engage in this challenging opportunity to examine yourself critically and to look at the effects that white privilege has had on society and communities of color.

Well there you have a primer on the evils of whiteness. You need to understand this is exactly what children in schools across America are being taught every day now including kids right here in Michigan.

Some of the districts that sent teachers and administrators to Baltimore to further understand the dangers of white people in society include: Ann Arbor Public Schools, The Macomb Intermediate School District and the

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

The new normal is teaching racism as a positive and normal thought process as long as you are a person of color and your irrational hatred is focused at white people and whiteness in general. It is even teaching that normal and positive thoughts include hating yourself for your whiteness and alleged privilege.