According to the Lansing State Journal, Michigan has now surpassed 100,000 coronavirus cases. As of Friday, five months into the pandemic, total cases are at 100,724.

When you put this all into perspective, there have been more cases in the Great Lakes State than in several nations with higher populations.

It's so hard to believe that right now, currently we're at over 100,000 cases of coronavirus. These are such unpredictable times and yet the numbers keep growing. Continue to mask up and focus on social distancing as usual.

"Michigan has managed to contain the spread better than many other states in a country that leads the world with 5.3 million cases and more than 168,000 deaths." (LSJ)

I'm most certain that everyone wants to know when this pandemic will end, for now, we would have to say that know one has the answer.

Dr. Peter Gulick, who is an infectious disease specialist and associate professor of medicine at MSU, said that Michigan should prepare to see another 100,000 new cases in the next five months.

Gulick predicted that we'll be at more than 100,000 additional new coronavirus cases by mid-January.

Dr. Gulick also said nothing has changed as far as the virus goes. We have nothing beyond what we had in March to treat it or prevent it. Gulick feels that all of us need to continue wearing our face masks, social distancing, and don't go into crowds.

If only everyone would follow those three simple rules. All of the experts out there are giving us the correct information, but it certainly doesn't help if we all don't follow their advice.

Even silent spread is still a problem. Check out the rest of the story here at LSJ.

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