Resources used in investigating claims by an 18 year old woman that she had been abducted alongside a road and held for 16 hours before making a daring escape.  But now those in Monroe County say the story was a hoax and they're considering charging the young woman for filing a false police report. is reporting today that a re-interview of the alleged victim on Sunday turned up inconsistencies in her story, eventually leading to a confession that the whole story was a fabrication.

The 18 year old told police in Ecorse when she was found on Friday afternoon that she was abducted after stopping her car to assist someone lying in the roadway.  The Detroit Free Press is reporting a witness actually saw the woman jump from a car as it sped away.  That motorist then took the woman to the police station.

According to initial reports from the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, the woman told them she had gone to a video store in Bedford Township near the Ohio border.  While she was talking on the phone with a friend, she said a man had been following her with a gun.  The call was then disconnected.

The woman's father later found her unoccupied vehicle with its engine still running.  That's when the FBI was brought into the investigation.

No word on a penalty if the woman is charged and found guilty of the crime.

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