We spoke yesterday about Michigan State Universities (MSU) $500 million dollar Nassar settlement, now MSU is blaming President Trump for their international student’s enrollment decline.

The Detroit News is reporting that MSU is considering a proposal that will cut their budget between 2.00 and 2.5% in all of their departments. If they actually do cut their budget, the proposed amounts that will save them between $27 to $34 million from their total general fund budget of $1.36 billion.  They say they can divert those funds to pay off their settlement with the Nassar victims.

What is interesting is the Detroit News is reporting that:

MSU said recently that international applications were down 31 percent, mostly among Chinese students. Tuition for international students is $40,961 annually — nearly three times the $14,516 cost for in-state students.

The Detroit News is reporting that Michigan State University is blaming their international student’s enrollment decline on President Trump’s administration policies.

Really, your decline in international students is President Trump’s fault.  Come on, when is MSU going to grow up and take the blame for the problems then have created.

Could that decline possibly come from the fact that MSU cannot seem to keep their students and athletes safe from their own employees?

Why would international students worry about President Trump’s policy objectives when it comes to illegal immigration, unless they are here illegally and committing crimes?

We all apparently were thinking incorrectly when we assumed that MSU only allowed legal immigrants to come and study at their university.  It appears from their blame of President Trump’s policies that they have courted and enrolled illegal aliens to come to their University.  I say that because illegal aliens would be the only ones who might be concerned about President Trump’s words and policy objectives.

To think that MSU is not allowing Michigan students to enter their University because those spots are given to illegal aliens who want to study there.

That my friends is a shame.

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