Michigan state legislators are in Lansing today, opening the 2021 legislative session.  There’s a lot on the schedule. Republican State Representative Jason Wentworth is being elevated to the position of House Speaker.  He and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey have a lot of issues to deal with. One of the most pressing is how to attempt to work with Governor Gretchen Whitmer. She has shown no interest in working with lawmakers on almost every issue facing the state, especially in the last year.

A timely issue facing lawmakers is expected to be introduced today by Detroit Democratic State Senator Adam Hollier.  He will be asking fellow legislators to approve a resolution that condemns domestic terrorism. He’s focusing on what he believes was an attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol last week. He’s going a step further in saying the claims that underhanded tactics and fraud were involved in November must be stopped.

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Hollier says, “Leaders around the country must be unanimous in saying these terrorists who broke the law were not patriots and they need to be held responsible for their criminal actions.”

The Detroit State Senator is challenging Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey who is on record indicating that legislative review of election issues and claims of fraud remains a top priority and the legislature will continue to investigate. Hollier says, “The phrase ‘election fraud’ is a dog whistle and code for finding ways that the votes cast by minorities in cities like Detroit can be tossed. The Republican-led investigation into Black and Brown votes is racially motivated and nothing less, and these committee oversight hearings need to stop. In the United States, we count every single vote, and this continued assault on our democracy — because they can’t accept the fact that their candidate lost — is shameful.”

Most state lawmakers are withholding comment on Hollier’s proposed resolution until they see the exact wording of what he is proposing.

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