This is starting to become a trend.  Leftist being, let us just say, less than honest or as some straight shooters would say lying when making up how Michigan parents are acting at school board meetings.

I just reported to you about the President of the Grand Ledge Michigan School Board, Sara Clark Pierson, falsely accusing parents of something they never did at a board meeting.  Now we have another example from an elected Michigan politician who never attended the meeting that she appears to be not telling the truth about, according to the police report and the people who were there.

Her name is Dayna Polehanki, believe it or not, she is a Democrat State Senator from Livonia.  Surprise, surprise she is a former public school teacher who appears to not be telling the truth to promote a bill in which she desires that “school employees, board members, or contractors” are better than you and should be treated differently than you.

I wonder what she was filling her student's heads with when she was teaching.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential is reporting on her accusations and bill.  In a Senate committee meeting on October 19th, she spoke about a Livonia Public Schools Board of Education meeting that occurred the day before.  She said:

“I haven’t heard about parents being labeled as terrorists…But I will tell you that my chief of staff, who is sitting behind me right now, is also a school board member. And last night he texted me from the back room of a school board meeting where the school Board members were overrun by hostile, screaming people opposing the school’s mask mandate, which was administered by the health department…The police were called, and it was ugly, and that’s why I introduced a bill to stop it.”

She has one huge problem with what she said.  The Michigan Capitol Confidential obtained the Livonia police report through a Freedom of Information Act request that makes no mention of any of the allegations Senator Polehanki made.  Ouch, that has to hurt, oh wait she is a politician, the truth appears to mean very little to her.

That police report states that the school board President Colleen Burton, who did attend that meeting told the police that “[Local resident Tanya] Hug was causing a disturbance by refusing to wear a mask and causing the board meeting to stop.” There was absolutely no other mention of disturbances in that report.

Ms. Hug heard of Senator Polehanki’s comments and sent her a letter that she also sent to Michigan Capitol Confidential.  In that letter she stated:

“We, the parents from Livonia have video evidence of the lies she told. Including an entire video of me speaking with the police calmly and politely both inside and outside the building”

Now let us get to the possible reason she is not telling the truth.  It is her bill, a bill in which she wishes to authorize a one-year enhanced sentence for assaulting or endangering school employees, board members, or contractors.

In fact, the entire wording of the bill is:

“An individual who assaults, batters, wounds, or endangers a school employee, school contractor, member of a board of a public school or nonpublic school, member of the board of directors of a public school academy, or member of an intermediate school board who the individual knows or has reason to know is performing his or her duties as a school employee, school contractor, member of a board of a public school or nonpublic school, member of the board of directors of a public school academy, or member of an intermediate school board is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 1 year or a fine of not more than $1,000.00, or both.”

Now ask yourself why would someone who assaults, batters, wounds, or endangers all of the positions she points out in her bill deserve a worse sentence than if you were assaulted, battered, wounded, or endangered?

Why does she believe those people are so much better than you are that our laws already in place are not good enough to address the crime?

My only answer is she believes they are more important than you are thus the punishment that would be brought on people who assault or endanger them must be harsher than someone who assaulted or endangered your life.

How much longer will the people of Michigan and in this case Livonia put up with this type of elitist behavior?

We must peacefully do whatever we can to peacefully vote these people out of office and send them packing.

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