The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Michigan State has been fined $10,000 in the wake of Saturday's pre-game warm-up shenanigans with some of the Michigan Wolverines.

Furthermore, the Big Ten publicly reprimanded the university, Coach Mark Dantonio and Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh for the incident. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney released a statement, part in which said, that it was lucky that the incident did not escalate past what it did, and that good sportsmanship should always be priority over any tradition.

According to the report, the league determined that MSU violated conference policies for sportsmanship and initiated contact with the Michigan players on the field Saturday prior to MSU's "stormtrooper walk", as described by Harbaugh.

Coach Mark Dantonio was reprimanded for not mitigating a foreseeable conflict. Michigan linebacker Devin Bush was reprimanded for his retaliatory actions against the MSU players. Harbaugh was reprimanded for post game comments and comments made in a press conference Monday.

Here is a look at the footage shared on YouTube VIA ESPN, who got footage from Fox Sports:

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