A bill to raise the speed limit on some out-state roadways in Michigan is reportedly on governor Rick Snyder's desk, awaiting his signature. According to the Lansing State Journal, state legislators have passed a bill that would increase the speed limit on out-state freeways to 75 miles per hour, and some state trunk lines will also increase to 65 miles per hour.

Language used to describe the bill says that the Michigan Department of transportation and Michigan State Police must increase the speed limits on at least 600 miles of rural freeways, and 900 miles of state trunk lines within one year of the bill's enactment. But, no specific highways are mentioned. A spokesperson for Governor Snyder says that he will not sign the bill until knowing what roadways will be directly affected.

The bill also allows for counties with a population of at least one million to reduce speed limits on gravel roads to 45 miles per hour; local governments can request a reduction to as low as 35 miles per hour. School superintendents can request speed limits to be 20 miles per hour lower than regular posted speeds. Local governments also will not be on the hook for financing any sign changes.

And, even more good news for those with lead feet...the bill also states that there will be a one point reduction in license points for being ticketed for driving five over the posted speed limit. Cited drivers would receive two points for driving 15 over the posted speed.