The talk of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has divided citizens in Michigan and other states nationwide. As Governor Rick Snyder holds firm with a promise to veto any RFRA bills put forth to him without protection for the LGBT community, he's not as forthcoming about his intentions about a bill passed through Senate today.

The Detroit Free Press reports today that the Senate passed a bill 26-12 that will allow faith-based adoption agencies to refuse service to unmarried or same-sex couples, and their children. Without getting too political, let's look at the shades of irony splattered all over this bill.

First, it's important to point out that most of these faith-based agencies receive millions of dollars each year in public funding. This leads opponents of the bill to label the Republican-led Senate as proponents of government sanctioned discrimination. Good point.

Second, the call to faith of the RFRA supporters seems awfully hypocritical. These are the same Pro-Life political leaders and religious lobbyists that so oppose abortion and the name of god. I can't see how denying a family adoption services helps any orphaned child. These kids are in need of loving homes with families that love them. "Go, and sin no more" and take it out on helpless children is the message i read. Should it matter if adoptive parents are same-sex partners or unwed? And, what message does this send to expecting mothers, in a hard place, that are deciding which route to take? No abortion, but no adoption...self-defeating.

It's one thing to debate RFRA laws and policies that affect how grown adults are treated. But, orphaned kids don't have much of a choice under this bill. Funny, this is the same argument that uber-religious conservatives use to defend fetuses.

Today's news just shines light on how closed-minded religious conservatives really are. I challenge the Republican Party to have the balls to remove yourself from the West Michigan Dutch Catholic Mafia and Tea Party nut the name of Michigan's kids AND God!