How far are these, take all fun out of life and cancel everything, people going to take this?  As far as people with common sense allow them to.  

Now the, take all fun out of life and cancel everything people in the very liberal East Lansing area have canceled Halloween and Valentine's Day festivities for all children in their schools.  These people are truly the face of Scrooge.   By the way, if they have canceled all Halloween and Valentine’s Day festivities why have they not canceled Christmas?

Why did they cancel Halloween and Valentine's Day, perhaps due to Covid?  No, no, no, they canceled Halloween and Valentine's Day because of equity and inclusion concerns raised by some parents.  Hate to be their children!

According to reporting by the Lansing State Journal, the East Lansing Public Schools elementary principals sent a joint letter to all the unfortunate families of the children who go to their schools.  In that letter they claim that it is not “uncommon to see students crying” during certain Halloween celebrations at school:

"because they don't have the same kind of costumes that other kids have or they didn't bring the same amazing valentines that other kids do…We're striving hard at East Lansing Public Schools to be a district that is equitable and inclusive for all families."

Then went on to attempt to explain their Scrooge-like behavior by saying:

“Each year, along with the fun of Halloween parties and parades, we also have students whose families do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in Halloween festivities…We have young children who become overwhelmed and sometimes frightened of the costumes and others who come to school with no costume at all.”

They say do not worry because they will have super fun-filled events like measuring a pumpkin to learn about the circumference of objects.  Apparently, these heartless principles have no feelings at all because some families cannot afford a pumpkin let alone a measuring tape to measure the circumference of their imaginary pumpkin they do not have.

Why did they cancel Valentine’s Day festivities?  As Biden says "come on man", because of the “unintended consequences”.  Some will get Valentine’s cards and others will not.  These children should never ever experience any kind of emotional pain in their entire lives and government is there to make sure they do not.

They also wrote that some parents:

‘do not feel comfortable with the idea of boys and girls exchanging valentines or participating in a celebration that focuses on 'love,'”.

Government is also there to protect these children and adults from love.  Love is an emotional feeling that the leftest do not want people to experience because some time with love you experience pain.  The leftest government is there to protect its voters from experiencing emotional, physical and psychological pain.

The interesting part is the left constantly makes decisions on emotion and rarely fact, common sense and intelligence, yet they do not want people to experience the emotion on which to make decisions.  Go figure!

Based on their reasons to cancel Halloween and Valentine’s Day festivities the logical, intellectually honest next step would be the canceling of all sports.  

During my life of playing sports for the schools I attended I cannot tell you the number of “students crying” I saw because they did not make the team or did not get any playing time during a game.  Do you realize the number of children who felt deprived and cheated because they believed they should have started or gotten more playing time during the games?  They and their families felt there was no equity when it came to their children’s playing time during those games.  What about inclusion.  There have been millions of parents and children who felt the schools they played for were certainly not inclusive at all when it came to their playing time during the games.

If these or any principals feel they need to bring more "equity" and "inclusiveness" to their schools they must ban all sports and extracurricular activities because that is truly where equity and inclusivity do not reside.

Can anyone really argue the above logical points?

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