Interesting, schools are always complaining they do not have enough money, apparently Saginaw schools are flush with cash and do not need any extra.

Or do they?

I just read an article from Michigan Capitol Confidential that is reporting the Saginaw Public School district, which has been operating with a deficit since the 2010-11 school year, would rather demolish a school then accept a $3.5 million dollar offer for the vacant building from a charter school.

Apparently the district board thought of the embarrassment and hypocrisy it would bring to the board and after forcing the charter school to submit a second bid, although it appears there was no other buyer, they had a change of heart and will sell the building to the charter school.

According to the article:

“this is not the first time a charter school in Michigan has faced resistance when trying to buy an unused building from a conventional school district. In some cases, districts have officially adopted policies that ban sales to a charter. Although conventional school districts get funding from the same taxpayers and serve the same student populations as charter schools, they view them as competitors with the potential to attract students and the accompanying state funding dollars.”

This just proves to me that these schools are deathly afraid of competition, they believe in their hearts that they will fail.  They are more concerned about their existence, jobs and benefits than the children.

Why do you believe they will not sell their vacant buildings to charter schools?

Should funding be taken away from school districts that refuse to sell their vacant buildings to charter schools and would rather demolish the buildings?

Am I missing something here?

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