Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema is in hot water with the GOP. Agema is being asked to resign after he linked an article that was viewed as racist to his Facebook page.

In a recent meeting of the RNC in California, party Chairman Reince Preibus said Agema's "history of harmful and offensive rhetoric" is not welcome in the Republican party.  The committee has asked republicans in Michigan to look into disciplining Agema.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak said in a recent statement, that he supports the national party.  “My position remains unchanged from a year ago, I hope Mr. Agema will voluntarily resign, but if he does not, the Michigan Republican Party will continue exploring all possibilities to address his actions," said Schostak.

This is not Agema's first time in the hot seat.  Last year he refused to resign after he made derogatory comments about Muslims and gays.  The article that is causing the push for his resignation contained a comment about a public defender saying there is a difference in blacks and whites.  The article said that blacks "can't control their impulses as well."

Chairman Preibus said that the committee has used "all available tools" to remove Agema from office.

According to Agema he does not support the contents of the article he shared and he is not a racist.