Many of us have been in and out of jobs since March. There's no denying that restaurants have been among those that have felt the pandemics impact the most. Some of us are once again out of work because of the recent closings. Michigan restaurant owners are even considering shutting down until after the pandemic is over.

According to a Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association survey, 48% of restaurants are considering closing until the pandemic is over. While, 33% of restaurants say that they may be out of business in the next six months, if they do not receive additional relief packages from the government. MRLA President and CEO Justin Winslow says,

“It is fundamentally clear that the pandemic is decimating the hospitality industry in this state to a degree never seen or even imagined. While it will take several years and a stable economy to reclaim the size, impact and opportunities produced by this industry, we have not yet reached the bottom.”

Michigan's closure of in-person dining occurred on November 18th. The MRLA's survey took place from November 16th-30th.

Below are more findings from the survey...

  • 89% of owners expect their sales to decrease over the next 3 months.
  • 89% of Michigan operators say their current staffing is lower than what it would be before the pandemic, 66% are more than 20% lower than normal staffing levels.
  • 63% of Michigan operators expect their staffing to decline in the next 3 months, 8% expect theirs to increase.

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