How many more businesses can Whitmer destroy, how many are left?  She apparently did not learn from her last attempt to destroy our economy and people’s future and the funny part is she is begging Trump to bail her out for her decisions.

If there was any scientific proof that shutdowns worked, more people including myself could be behind her latest round of shutdowns, but there is no proof.  We were first told that the original lockdown would be for a couple of weeks, those couple of weeks turned into 6 to 7 months.  Did those 6 to 7 months stop the virus, of course not.  With these economic shutdowns, we are only delaying the spread of the virus not stopping it.

You may say Renk these economic shutdowns that affect and harm tens of millions of people are supposed to ease the burden on our healthcare system.  Really, then why did the last shutdown last as long as 6 – 7 months?

As many know by now Whitmer decided on her own, with no consultation with the legislature, to once again start to shut down some Michigan businesses.  One of those businesses is the restaurant industry.  Starting Wednesday she has demanded that restaurants close all of their in-door dining.  Industry leaders believe that is another nail in their coffin that Whitmer is gleefully pounding as she giggles her way through softball interviews.

This current shutdown of in-door dining at Michigan restaurants is even more deadly than the last because the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for many restaurants and bars. MLive is reporting that the executive director of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, Scott Ellis, stated that this order will financially devastate small businesses and their employees.  In a news release he stated:

“Our industry has been devastated and this is just another nail in the coffin for many businesses”

Michigan reported that Scott Ellis stated:

“My phone is blowing up with members from all over state already and I guarantee they’re panicking.   They can’t survive...I had one tell me last week... ‘if she shuts us down again.  I’ll never reopen. I can’t do it’.”

Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association President and CEO Justin Winslow made a very good point.  He believes closing in-door dining in restaurants will only encourage people to gather socially in their homes.  He believes those gatherings are much riskier than restaurants because they aren’t regulating social distancing, cleanliness or capacity limits.

The MRLA stated that they expect another 250,000 employees will be laid off this holiday season, a present given to them by Whitmer.  They stated that Whitmer’s executive orders already closed approximately 2,000 restaurants and with her new round of closures, another 40% of restaurants could temporarily close.  They then went on to say that they believe another 6,000 restaurants could close by this spring if she continues her lockdown.

Could Whitmer now officially be called the Grinch who stole Christmas from many Michigan families and their children?

In case you forgot or did not know Whitmer asked Trump to pitch in extra funds for the unemployed and the President did to the tune of $300 a week.  The President asked Governor Whitmer to match his additional $300 a week with a $100 of her own and she refused to.

I expect her to beg President Trump for money to cover the negative consequences her current decisions have brought to the residents of Michigan.  She has begged before and it worked why not beg again.

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