I recently wrote about State Representative Larry Inman the Grand Traverse County Republican who has been indicted on charges of attempted extortion, bribery and lying to an FBI agent.

When that charge came down Michigan’s Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield told reporters that he asked Representative Inman to resign.

State Representative Inman has yet to resign so now the Michigan House leadership sponsored by Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield has introduced House Resolution 115 yesterday which urges the resignation of Representative Larry Inman of the One Hundred- fourth House District, state of Michigan.

In the Resolution they state his conduct is:

shaking the public trust and confidence in this legislative body, staining the honor, dignity, and integrity of the House, and distracting from the serious policy issues and debates before this body.

The resolution not only calls for State Representative Inman to resign, but also states that the House “reserves the right to take further disciplinary action” in the event that he does not resign.

I titled this piece The Michigan Republican Party Is Acts Like The Adults because they are actually doing something about one of their members who has been charged with a crime.  This is unlike the Michigan Democratic Party which did nothing when one of their members was charged with a much more serious crimes.

Back in 2015 Democrat State Senator Virgil Smith physically attacked his ex-wife and then shot at her car.

In fact as reported by the news site ClickonDetroit:

Smith's ex-wife, Anistia Thomas, testified that she went to his home on Wexford Street that night and he let her inside. There, Thomas said, she found another woman naked in the bed.

A fight followed and Thomas said Smith punched her in the face and rammed her head into the floor after she fell into a TV.

Thomas said Smith put his arm into the back of her neck.

"It basically stopped my breathing at that point," she said.

As she left the house, Thomas said she fell over the railing and hit her face on the concrete.

When she got up, she noticed Smith was "holding a big gun in the air."

Smith then allegedly fired several shots into Thomas' 2015 Mercedes.

There were some in Michigan’s Democratic Party leadership that wanted Senator Smith to resign but not all of them as I reported back in 2017.

From what we know it appears that the Michigan Republican Party is doing the right thing. Or are they, we still live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty.  Should we not afford that same axiom to State Representative Inman.



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