The leftists of the Green and Democratic parties have teamed up in an effort to disenfranchise voters in three states; Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Under the guise of making sure the Presidential Election was conducted legally and fairly, Jill Stein the failed Green Party candidate with the express blessing of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are running a game on the voters of those three states.

So far in Wisconsin, Donald Trump has benefitted by picking up an additional two-dozen votes. Stein claims not to support either of the major party candidates that appeared on the November ballot and yet she held a news conference directly in front of Trump tower in New York City this week.

Meanwhile the rage, anger and confusion on the left continues to foment in the form of hateful social media posts, scurrilous headlines by left leaning newspapers and now with some Democrats actually calling for a Constitutional Convention to end the Electoral College that protects Americans from dictatorial rule from the coasts. Some of our Marxist friends are willing to go even further. Some are actually calling for states like California to leave the United States altogether.

Democratic Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of California said this week, “I don’t think we can sustain our American democracy by having a majority ruled by the minority.  And so the question is how to fix this since the Constitution is written in such a way that it’s almost impossible to amend.” She is right. It is written in a specific way so that a few cannot push their will on the many so this nation will not be ruled by dictators who think they know better than we do about how to run our lives.

You know- I’ll have to consider whether or not letting California go is agood idea or not.