If you look at the data of trees produced, and tree production acres Michigan is one of five states that produce the most Christmas trees every year.

Did you know there are only two states in the country that grow and sell more Christmas trees than Michigan?  You learn something new every day.

According to a fun report published by apartmentguide.com, only the states of Oregon, which harvest approximately 3,909,000 and North Carolina which harvest approximately 3,770,000 Christmas trees a year rank higher.  The report reviewed data on the number of acres in production and the number of trees produced in those states.  The data came from the 2017 United States Department of Agriculture Census.

Here are the numbers for Michigan according to their report:

  • Trees Harvested: 1,396,799
  • Tree Acreage: 35,856
  • Tree Percentage: 10.47%
  • Acre Percentage: 13.04%

If you guessed the number one area in Michigan for producing those trees would be the Upper Peninsula, you would be wrong. The number one area in Michigan which produces the most trees for Christmas is Missaukee County located northeast of Cadillac.  That county alone produces over 570,000 Christmas trees.  That puts them at 5th in the United States overall.

Another interesting factoid given to us in their report is the fact that Michigan “wide variety of pine, fir and spruce alike”.  For us nature lovers it is good to know that in Michigan every Christmas tree that is harvested, another three new trees are planted for future harvests.

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