Unless Terry Lynn Land puts on a furious finish it is almost certain Gary Peters a back bench congressman who supports the policies of Barack Obama almost completely will assume the seat held by Carl Levin. Levin, no matter your politics has been a visible and respected member of the Michigan congressional delegation since 1978. His shoes will not be easy to fill.

Despite Michigan leaning blue the rest of the nation is headed elsewhere. Bet red… heavy!

The many failures and shortcomings of Barack Obama are going to be graded on November 4, 2014 by the nation. With one week to go I see some trends others may not and I believe the Republicans will end up with more seats in the US Senate than most are predicting.

Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia are already in the bag. The next tier of GOP pick ups include Arkansas, Alaska and Louisiana. That’s where many stop short of going all the way. The big wave election will be defined by Republican pick-ups in Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina and New Hampshire.

All the polling is trending to the right and the GOP. You see this nation no longer trusts President Obama or his administration to keep us safe from ISIS, Lone Wolf Terrorists or Ebola.

The final nail in the Democratic coffin and it’s failed socialist experiments from the last 6 decades and most notably the last 6 years will be New Mexico. Yep I said it both Udall’s will lose their Senate seats. And if one more Ebola patient is confirmed this week it could push a couple other states red as well.

Make no mistake despite a scare for the right Georgia and Kansas will end up in the GOP column as well. Despite democratic hopes they could flip two red states that isn’t going to happen.

So even if Michigan voters reward Barack Obama for his worse-than-Carter-Presidency, the rest of the nation is not so inclined and when the dust clears the Republicans will hold a 56-44 majority in the US Senate and if Obama toys with executive orders and amnesty for millions of illegals I’d bet red in 2016 too!

You read it here first.