We've all had our favorite teachers throughout our school years - doesn't matter if you're male or female; each of us had a crush on a particular teacher. We've also had our least favorites...you know – the ones we had nicknames for: “crab”, “nag”, “ol' sourpuss”, “hatchet face”...etc.

The teachers I really liked have all passed away...most of the ones I disliked have passed also...except for a few that keep hanging on, just to remind me how miserable I was in their classes.

Remember the old white-haired, pulled back-in-a-bun teacher 'Miss Grundy' in the Archie comics? We had a teacher like that. Then there was the male teacher who always kept his suit jacket buttoned in the middle...so whenever he pointed to something on the blackboard, he had to rotate his shoulder cup in order to adjust.

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Of course, there were the teachers who had their particular “pets” which bugged me. My art teacher had his particular 'pet' who could get up, walk around the class, stop at a desk and talk, and basically do what the others weren't allowed. So I did it anyway. Naturally, he made me write a 500-word essay as a punishment. So I wrote about how he kisses up to some students over others, when he should be fair and impartial to one and all. He never bugged me again.

I have plenty of teacher tales and if I start I won't be able to stop. Oh yeah, I have quite the stories to relate. But this article is here mainly as a preface to the photo gallery below, showing many old-tyme teachers with their students from the 1900s to 1935. Most of these are of the one-room school teachers, whose classes were full of all-age kids ranging from 5 years to teen...all in one room.

There's no way I could have done - or do – what these teachers did. So hats off to them – the good, the bad, and the.......not-so-bad.

Michigan's One-Room Schoolteachers


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