An article appearing on Fox News online indicates the man identified as the first Ebola case in the United States may have a direct connection to Michigan. Eric Duncan arrived in the US on September 20 aboard a United flight before connecting to Dallas and then developing Ebola symptoms. Before being quarantined he may have exposed 100 other people, maybe more but no one is too sure at this point as he was released after a misdiagnosis before it was determined he actually had the often deadly disease.

On paperwork visible online it is clear that Duncan lists a phone number with a 231 area code. As you likely already know that is a Michigan area code serving such cities as Big Rapids.

Is there something here we missed? Is Duncan connected to Michigan? Was he planning to come here next?

At this point I can only rely on what is seen in the photograph online. You can look for yourself but I am sure like me it will only raise more questions and your concern with what is really going on.