With Donald Trump back in the state on Monday holding rallies in Warren and Grand Rapids, it is clear that internal polling shows Michigan is much more competitive than anyone may have thought a few days ago.

James Comey delivered an October surprise as big as any I’ve ever witnessed. Comey’s disclosure that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was back under the microscope of a federal criminal investigation stunned the political world and the nation.

So earth shattering was the news that a couple of my #NeverTrump friends have actually said they are surrendering under the weight of Hillary Clinton’s potential to create a Constitutional crisis by being under an FBI investigation and possibly an indictment coming down the pike.

Strangely the White House showed up today on the opposite side of the argument when Josh Earnest said he would neither criticize nor endorse the decision by Comey to alert Congress of renewed interest in the case. The response was a far cry from the war declared on Comey by Clinton, her campaign and other high profile Democrats in the wake of the letter to Congress.

It seems to me the Trump campaign will benefit from a surge in Republican support provided he can keep on message. Trump’s supporters are also surging in enthusiasm, which can translate, to a victory on Election Day.

What’s the alternative? A President under an FBI investigation will be paralyzed from day one and likely unable to govern.

Mandate? Give me a break.