Gretchen Whitmer won Michigan’s governor seat by 9% points and approximately 384,000 votes and she did it by only winning 17 out of 83 counties.

I was amazed to see that you can win the governorship in Michigan by only winning 20% of the counties in Michigan.

The Detroit News has a great map showing the counties and how red Michigan actually is, click on the Detroit News link to see that map.

This win by Gretchen Whitmer show us how much the large metropolitan areas control the rest of the state with their vote.  This can also be the reason we did not see or hear much of Bill Schuette campaigning in southwest Michigan, he had to spend his time and money where the votes are.

As long as the Democrats have a lock on the large metropolitan and urban areas it will always be difficult to win in Michigan let alone any state.  All you have to do is run on the government giving things away free to people, uninformed people will vote for the free or subsidized goodies.

I say uninformed because they apparently do no attempt to figure out or wonder where the taxes will be coming from to pay for their free stuff.  If they did they would realize the government cannot pay for their free stuff unless they take it from someone else to give to them or borrow it.

You can only tax people so much before they start working less because their return on working more lessens or they simply move out of the state.  We know this because during the Granholm administration they choose to move out of the state.

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