Former state lawmaker Dave Agema is under fire again for comments made regarding gays and Muslims.  But could this latest controversy lead to a parting of the ways with fellow Republicans?


Agema's remarks will likely take center stage when members of the Republican National Committee--of which he is a member-- will meet this week in the nation's Capitol.

The annual meeting is traditionally to set strategy for upcoming elections, but this year, there is already at least one issue of controversy on the agenda--what to do with the west Michigan Republican who represents Michigan on the GOP national board.

Governor Snyder and other Republicans in Michigan have repeatedly criticized the 64 year old Agema for such remarks.  They say his words are uncalled for and damage the party.  Some, including Democratic state Chairman Lon Johnson, are going as far as to call for Agema's ouster from the committee.

Agema has so far had no public comment on this latest controversy or on whether he would consider stepping down from his post.