This is the third time I've written an article about someone winning thousands of dollars from the Michigan Lottery just by purchasing Fantasy 5 jackpot lottery tickets.

Most recently, two people in the state of Michigan won the Powerball Jackpot by matching all five numbers correctly and then becoming over night millionaires.

And this guy that just won over $400,000 by playing the Fantasy 5 jackpot from the Michigan Lottery, is 75 years old and he couldn't be any more happier.

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"Me and my family like to play the draw games together," the 75-year-old player said.  "I purchase the tickets for us and check them after the drawings.  I checked the Fantasy 5 ticket using the ticket scanner in the Lottery app the morning after the drawing and didn't believe it when I saw the amount.  I checked the winning numbers to make sure it was real, and sure enough, we'd matched all five.

The winner decided to remain anonymous which makes perfect sense to me.  He won a total of $473,639 from the Michigan Lottery and I'm sure he's probably already making plans as to what he wants to do with the money.

He purchased the winning ticket at the Speedy Q Market in Almont, Michigan for a June 2 drawing and came up a big winner.  In fact, his wife didn't believe him until he showed her the winning ticket with all five matching numbers.

Wow, 75 years old and wins almost a half million dollars.  He is definitely a lucky man who will enjoy his retirement that much more with his wife.

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