Governor Whitmer has thrown hundreds of thousands of people out of their jobs by shutting down the businesses they work for.  When she was asked to help these people she threw on the unemployment line with additional unemployment funds she giggled and said no.

Now the Detroit News is informing us that yesterday the State of Michigan, through the Michigan Public Service Commission has approved a $134 million rate increase for electricity usage by Consumers Energy customers in 2021.

What does that mean to us that are lucky enough to have a job in Michigan and unfortunately those that Whitmer has thrown onto the unemployment line?  It means:

“A residential customer using 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month would pay approximately $9.17 more per month, an 11.93% increase, according to the Michigan Public Service Commission.”

This increase will cost the average Michigan family an additional $110.00 a year if you keep your monthly usage at approximately 500 kilowatt-hours.

For all you Global Warming enthusiast.  The Michigan Public Service Commission also has given permission to Consumers Energy to issue eight-year securitization bonds up to approximately $678 million dollars.  What are they borrowing this much money for; money that their Michigan customers will be on the hook for?  Well, it is money to be spent for the 2023 retirements of its Karn 1 and 2 coal-powered generation units in Hampton Township.

Great, shutdown the lower-priced coal-powered generation plants but then turn around and increase our electricity rates by approximately 12% for next year alone to among other things pay for the shutting down the lower-priced energy plants.  That my friends is called a brilliant idea by some.  Expect more of these brilliant ideas to come from the illegitimate Biden Administration if he is seated.

Those of you who Gretchen is allowing to work, has your pay increased 12% this year, or perhaps will it increase by 12% next year to help cover this cost?

Thanks, Gretchen!


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