At this point, about every business that deals with the public, is hiring. You can't turn a corner without seeing a help wanted sign. From fast food like McDonalds, to retailers like Meijer. Everyone is struggling, including Michigan hospitality workers.

Restaurants and hotels are even struggling to keep staffed up according to a new survey.

The survey came from the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association. 97% of hotels are understaffed, along with banquet facilities at 100% understaffed, and restaurant's at 89% understaffed.

“We can feel it if we go dine out or when we travel that there hasn’t been that full contingent of staff that we’re used to seeing, but even I wasn’t prepared for the numbers to be as stark as they are,” CEO  as well as President of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association, Justin Winslow said.

Winslow says that many people who originally had a job in a restaurant, went out and found another job when restaurants were closed down.

“The industry is in a position of needing to recruit an entirely new workforce almost from scratch,” he added to WILX.

Those working in the industry are also demanding higher wages from the industry.

“They have a lot of federal dollars that have yet to be appropriated. I think the evidence is pretty clear that this industry hasn’t turned the corner yet and will still need the level of support that we talked about in the spring,” Winslow added.

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At this time, the legislature is on summer, break, but when they do come back, Winslow hopes to discuss a way to help get those workers a higher wage.

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