Make no mistake Michigan is in play in this years Presidential election. That is not good news for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats but it is good news for you and me.

The Democrats are not interested in defending a state they thought would be perfectly safe but Michigan is in the second tier of states on the bubble.

The most important states this November? Well thank is easy to figure out by where the Clinton campaign and the Trump campaign are spending their time. Both are setting their sites on three states time after time; Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is another state the Democrats really should not have to worry about but after Clinton told audiences she would put coal miners and mining companies out of work in pursuit of Global Warming priorities the balance of political power shifted.

Donald Trump has been leading in a few recent polls and that is a big concern for Clinton. Union support for Republican Senator Rob Portman will also translate into Trump votes as well it would seem.

If Donald Trump wins those three states he is almost over the top but states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa will also get a lot of attention from both campaigns because a win here could be what puts the win on ice.

The good news for you and me is that we will see the candidates make their way here many times between now and November 8th.

That is now less than 100 days away.