It's a scary world we live in these days because you never know what's going to happen day by day in this country, and for that matter, Michigan.

I read a story today that really bothered me. It was about an 81 year old man who was in his car at an intersection somewhere in the Detroit area.

Apparently the 81 year old man almost hit two pedestrians who were crossing the street directly in front of his car. The man didn't see either one of them, so when he rolled down his car window to apologize for his mistake, one of these two shot and killed him.

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This sort of thing should never ever happen. So why does it? Why are so many people angry in this world? I can't understand it.

And then what about the other day when several men decided to walk right into Oak Park High School and just started fighting with security officers and even high school students? That's absolutely nuts!

According to

Around 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, eight to 10 adult men pushed past school security into the building and began fighting with security staff and students, according to a new release from Oak Park School District. The suspects fled the scene and have not been apprehended; only one of the suspects has been identified.

Every morning when I come into this building to do my radio show, I read a lot of information as to what I'm going to talk about during the show.

A lot of information is related to violence, and I'm talking about gun violence just about everywhere these days, including Michigan.

Because I try to keep my radio show positive for our listeners, I refuse to talk about anything negative, because that's all you see anymore on local and national news broadcasts.

And why those adult men went into Oak Park High School to start trouble is beyond me. tells us:

The district is conducting an internal investigation, including eyewitness interviews, and reviewing surveillance video and social media posts. Officials believe the incident may have been triggered by an altercation that took place off school property over the weekend.

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