According to 2014 study of auto insurance premiums, Michigan has the highest average auto insurance in the nation.

Coming in at number 2 is West Virgina followed by Georgia at number 3.

Guess who has the lowest auto insurance rates?  Ohio!

One of the biggest factors driving us to number 1 is the MCCA (Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association) fee or better known as the state's very generous personal injury protection (PIP) benefits.  Some other states do require drivers to pay for PIP but in Michigan you are guaranteed lifetime benefits.  No other states have unlimited benefits.  In fact the closest state to Michigan is New York with a cap of $50,000.

Guess what this year MCCA or PIP assessment was $186.00 per vehicle which was not included in the average rate assessment in's study.  What was, was the fact that you as a Michigan driver must pay your insurance company for PIP on the first $530,000.