Not long after changing my career and becoming a radio talk show host, I started to see how most of the news media either has an obvious bias or something else is going on.  That something else is usually not presenting the news or statements in context or outright not presenting the facts as they were presented.  

Now we find out from reporting by the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site that Gov. Whitmer and Secretary of State Benson have actually included links to “fact” check sites that I have proven in the past to be anything other than fact-checking sites.  They are fronts for liberal organizations and money posing as "fact-checking" sites.

On an official Michigan Government website titled “Finding The Truth: Trusted Information” they have linked the following far left/progressive partisan sites as “trusted, verified nonpartisan information”.

The FactCheck site is funded by the far left Annenberg Foundation which is “known to fund many left-of-center political groups and causes”. 

Politifact was started by the Tampa Bay Times, a very well-known extreme liberal newspaper and they have a section just for President Trump but none for Joe Biden. Do I have to give you any more proof than that?  

Then we have the far-left site called Snopes, a group that started with the serious business of fact-checking urban legends.  They then moved to “labeling humor posts by the Christian satire site Babylon Bee as "fake news”.  They fact-checked a satire/humorous site. Do I have to give you any more proof than that?  

I have a very high-placed anonymous source within Snopes that tells me they are currently debating whether to fact-check Saturday Night Live and Dave Chappelle.

The real question is who fact-checks the fact-checkers?  A question the American Council on Science and Health attempted to answer.  

The answer to who fact-checks the fact-checkers is me.  I expose them every day on my show.

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