For the second time in three days, the Michigan Republican Party Headquarters has been vandalized with anti-government graffiti.

The MI GOP says Tuesday that their office in Lansing was vandalized late Monday night, with expletive filled messages saying “F*** ICE” and “F*** Cox”; Party Chair Laura Cox was a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent. A window was also vandalized with an anarchist symbol.

Provided by Michigan Republican Party


This new graffiti comes just three days after another vulgar anti-ICE message was left on the office building; following that incident, the MI GOP said they reported it to law enforcement.

In a statement, the party blamed the vandalism on "radical and intolerant liberals", although the "Circle-A" symbol indicates the person or persons who did this are likely anarchists. Chair Cox said "These radical thugs choose to intimidate through graffiti and anonymous nighttime attacks, rather than contest their ideas in the press, in the public square and in the polling places."

Provided by Michigan Republican Party

The MI GOP called the incident an "attack" on "Chairman Laura Cox and the ideal of free speech".

No arrests or suspects have been announced by police as of yet.