A Detroit area man says his daughter was stabbed by a long, sharp pin when she bit into an apple pastry he bought at a local grocery chain.

Ricardo Ruel of Dearborn tells WXYZ he was shocked after discovering the object in the dessert he had purchased at a nearby Kroger store.

"I was kind of freaked out initially like how did that get in there you know, was there anything else in there or any other ones," he said.

Kroger told Ruel that the pastries are manufactured by a different company before they're baked at the local stores. They issued the following statement, saying they take food safety very seriously.

“We are currently investigating and have been in contact with the consumer. We take matters like this very seriously as safety is one of our core values for both customers and associates.”

Ruel has hired an attorney, saying actions should be taken if it is discovered that the item was placed in the pastry with malicious intent.

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