Forbes Magazine just came out with a report titled College Football's Most Valuable Teams 2014. 

Where does Michigan rank?

Michigan is the third most-valuable college football team in 2014. University of Michigan's football team is worth $117 million — with revenue in 2014 of $91 million and profit of an eye-popping $65 million.

That is what you call a money-making machine.

The Forbes report also stated that UofM increases the value of the team by $10 million by adding one more home game per year.

What about Michigan State University?

Well, MSU is tied with South Carolina at No. 16 at $72 million. The report stated that the MSU football program generated $53 million in revenue and saw $26 million in profit.

So, what college's football program was ranked No. 1? It's probably not a huge surprise: Texas. It has a value of $131 million followed by Notre Dame at $122 million.

At least Michigan can beat Ohio State University at something in football and that is worth it. Ohio State came in at No. 9 at a value of $87 million.