The Obama Administration is a shocking confession acknowledged Monday insurance premiums for Obamacare will be going through the roof in the coming weeks and months. Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota was the first to grab national headlines a week ago when the staunch Democrat announced the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable. The Democratic leader was once a champion of the plan but after 6 years he knows that the truth is finally undeniable. In the days since he made the startling announcement the polls in the Presidential race have taken a dramatic turn in favor of Donald Trump. In fact Real Clear Politics has put the reliably blue state and it’s ten electoral votes into the toss-up category.

Michigan residents will not be spared the massive rate hikes either. The lack of competition and millions less than predicted joining the ranks of Obamacare have pushed the cost beyond what most people expected or can handle.

This is the kind of October surprise that can have a huge impact on the election November 8th.

If the sinking polls in Minnesota are any indication, this is the kind of unexpected problem that will put the Hillary Clinton campaign into full damage control and messaging on the trail. This is the kind of unexpected hit that can dramatically change the outcome of the election- trust me everybody knows it.

I would expect Donald Trump to be on that message beginning tonight and staying there for the next two weeks. I would bank on something along the lines of “she’s been here for 30 years, she is all talk and no action.” It’s just a guess but I’m thinking that might have a ring to it. Or maybe something like “after 30 years she is finally trying to figure out how to fix things.”

This is the kind of political gift Donald Trump could not have expected. Let’s see is Kellyanne Conway can keep him on this message for just 2 weeks.