If you don't want a problem, don't drink and drive, or use drugs and drive - it's as simple as that .

Beginning tomorrow, Friday, August 14th, Michigan State Police,  all police departments, and sheriff's offices in the Great Lakes State, are kicking off the annual 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' campaign. The crackdown on drunk drivers will run until Labor Day, September 7th.

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During this time there will be an increase in patrols on the roads. Ultimately the goal of the campaign is that people do not drink and drive, or use drugs and drive. If you do - chances are with the extra patrols on the clock, you will be caught.

Anyone impaired who gets behind the wheel is not only endangering themselves, but other innocent drivers on the road. We have all heard stories of a drunk driver walking away from an accident with barely a scratch, while the victims involved are killed. It is absolutely horrifying.

There are so many options now in terms of getting a ride. Order an Uber or a Lyft. Call a cab. Get a designated driver - pay them if you have too. IT IS WORTH IT.

According to WXYZ, last year during Labor Day Weekend, there were ten total fatalities on Michigan roads. Three of those involved alcohol. Here is to getting that number down to zero this year.

Have fun, but be smart. I want you here, alive - and not behind bars.

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