Full disclosure I have never even thought about wiping down groceries, before now. Yes, I have always washed fruit and vegetables, but now everything needs to be sanitized.

The video above, Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen of Grand Rapids, shows us how to thoroughly clean and sanitize groceries, and carry out food we are bringing into our homes. Get this, Dr. VanWingen recommends that we leave groceries outside for three days after purchasing. Obviously that is not ideal for a lot of people, but there is no reason you can't use sterile techniques on everything you bring into your home.

Think about this, the good doctor also tells us the following,

  • The coronavirus can live outside the human body for 3 hours
  • The coronavirus can live on cardboard for 1 hour
  • The coronavirus can live on plastic or metal for 3 days

How scary is that? Think about all of the things we are touching, especially at grocery stores. Think about people picking up an item, putting it back on the shelf, and then you picking it up - see what I mean?

Take the time to watch this video, it is full of great information. On a side note, I am ready to switch doctors and start driving to Grand Rapids to see Dr. VanWingmen - he is awesome. Thank you for doing this doc, much appreciated.

Now start scrubbing - everything, twice.





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