Michigan’s recent spell of hot and dry conditions across the state has prompted Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources to issue a warning about fire danger.

Michigan’s DNR stated that their most concerned about accidental fires from I-96 and north all the way to the Mackinac Bridge.

Their concern comes from the fact that this hot and dry weather we have recently been experiencing has sucked out the moisture from the vegetation.

The fire prevention specialist with the DNR, Paul Rodgers stated:

The layer of decomposing leaves and grasses in the ground has dried out…That means fires that do ignite will burn down into the soils layer, making it harder, and more time-consuming, to put the fire out.

Due to this they are warning Michigan residents that heat from your lawn mower or the exhaust pipe of an all-terrain vehicle can ignite dry grass.

They even go so far to say that trailer chain’s dragging on pavement also can create sparks which could ignite the dry vegetation.

If this dry weather continues they expect to extend their warning further south to the I-94 corridor as the weekend approaches.

To date they currently have no burn ban in effect, just be extremely careful with your equipment and any fires you may burn.

So please be very careful until we receive more rain to reduce the fire hazard.

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