Michigan governor Rick Snyder's 2015 State of the State address has garnered mostly positive response so far, although state Democrats say that the devil is in the details. Snyder's main topic was his "River of Opportunity," which he outlined as a plan to streamline government assistance in order to shift the focus on the people, rather than the plans. Also in his speech, Snyder campaigned for the road funding bill signed by the legislature in December 2014 which would bring a $1.9 billion road and bridge maintenance proposal to the ballot box this May.

Providing the official response was David Knezek, the youngest member of the State Senate and a US Marine Corps Veteran. In the response, Knezek emphasized fairness in legislation and cooperation in the legislature to focus on "common sense policies" like "paid sick days" and "equal pay for women."

Wednesday on the Steve Gruber Show, Senator Knezek joined to go into further detail and response to the Governor's address.

Also joining for a response was House Minority Leader Tim Greimel.