When is this madness within the Democratic Party going to stop?

It will stop when Democrats decide to stop voting for people who should be deemed unacceptable to represent us in political/leadership positions.  Whether they are promoting aggression or violence towards their political opponents, either outright for example Congresswomen Maxine Waters or by simply keeping silent about it.  By the way why aren’t the “news organizations” asking all of them about the violence and aggression on the left perpetrated against the right?

Also if they are promoting boycotting businesses that do not support them how is this deemed acceptable by a potential leader.

Well it is happening right here in Michigan and the Detroit News is reporting about it.

Last week in Rochester, at a public meet and greet, the 8th Congressional Democratic candidate Elissa Slotkin suggested that her supporters boycott local businesses that have signs up for Republican incumbent Mike Bishop.

In fact she is quoted in the Detroit News article stating:

I will say we have had a number of our folks, volunteers and supporters, walk into...some of the private businesses here who have put Mr. Bishop signs up and as is their right. But it certainly sends a signal to other people who is welcome and who is not. And we’ve certainly had reports of volunteers going in and saying, ‘Hey, I always get my tires rotated here, or I always come here for this, and I’m not going to come here if you’re going to be political towards one side.’ That matters, right? That matters to people if they hear it enough times. So any signal we can send would be helpful.

Years ago you would have said it was unbelievable that a person running for office would ask their supporters to boycott businesses that do not support them.  Not any longer, the left is now completely out of control and the only ones who will stop them is us voters.  We cannot support such behavior which means just do not vote for someone in that party, because this is not a one-off instance that can happen in any political party.  These types of tactics are happening all over the country by this ideologue and party.

What is interesting is that this candidate lied to her supporters and the people of Michigan when she stated she will run an issue oriented campaign.  Heed the warning: if she starts lying to us before she is even elected and becomes an “official” politician, what will happen if she is elected?

By the way turnaround is fair play is it not, or do the Republicans once again have to be the adults?

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