What is a microbrewery? I asked this not too long ago. I felt like being a beer drinker I should know. Well according to thompsonislandbrewing.com it is simple. A microbrewery makes less than 15,000 barrels of beer in a year, and that's not all. 75% or more of it must be served away from the site. The only difference between a craft brewery and a microbrewery is volume. A craft brewery does not have to be a microbrewery, but many microbreweries do make craft beer. Also, a microbrewery does still have to have craft brewing rules to be a craft brewery.

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What the New Bill Allows

Here is the latest on the distilleries and microbreweries. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has just penned a bill that will allow small distilleries, wine-makers, and microbreweries in Michigan to have permits for on-site and off-site tasting rooms.  I say yes. Let the fun begin. The bill, sponsored by State Sen. Kim LaSata, amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code to allow a person to hold both licenses according to fox47news.com.

Michigan is renowned for its craft beverage industry, contributing billions to our state’s economy and employing tens of thousands of hardworking men and women, including many in our state’s great southwest region,” LaSata said in a release. “At this critical time when our state is getting back to work and with tourism on the rebound, ensuring our craft beverage producers have the ability to both sample and sell.

So let's get ready to quench our thirst and have a fun summer with family and friends. Also, let's drink responsibly.

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